Indian Journal of Cerebral Palsy

: 2015  |  Volume : 1  |  Issue : 1  |  Page : 1--3

Cerebral palsy field indeed needs scientific deeds

AK Purohit 

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A K Purohit

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Purohit A K. Cerebral palsy field indeed needs scientific deeds.Indian J Cereb Palsy 2015;1:1-3

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Purohit A K. Cerebral palsy field indeed needs scientific deeds. Indian J Cereb Palsy [serial online] 2015 [cited 2021 Mar 6 ];1:1-3
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We, the members of the editorial board, are extremely happy to present the long-awaited first scientific journal on cerebral palsy (CP) in India, the Indian Journal of Cerebral Palsy (IJCP), to the scientific community of the world, so as to contribute the hardcore science on all the aspects of CEREBRAL PALSY by all the methods of medical management, mainly to resolve the issue that

professionals are biased and

families are confused with what they know

as to what is best for their child.

The idea to publish the journal has emerged out of confusion with innumerable methods (allopathy and non-allopathy) that are practiced in India and abroad wherein no one knows which method works for which pathophysiological and demographic group of CP (motor component).

Not only this (motor disorder) but also various other associated disabling disorders (that also play an important role to decide the prognosis) are managed in India and abroad by many different allopathy and non-allopathy methods, which need to be scientifically explored.

Most of the practices are based on anecdotes of success and indifference to the series of failures. In fact, the failure is masked by the natural development of the brain and a pseudo success leads to continuation of the wrong medical method. The heart of the practitioners beats with happiness (pseudo) and the scientist's mind weeps on ignorance and innocence of such practitioners and the families. We need to develop a balance of heart and mind in the management of our children and adults.

Innumerable painful heart-breaking sufferings of such children and their families have given rise to the idea to collect and produce scientific information, and therefore, we present to you this journal.

The journal, therefore, would include some articles related to these associated disorders also for the benefit of practitioners and scientists working in the field of CP. Indeed, the idea is to scientifically resolve "the bias and the confusion."

Allopathy has emerged mainly from the technology, the power of tools, the power from outside (of human body). No one from all the practical points of view can stop substantial rapid development of these powers. It surely has strong scientific basis, and of course, a marketing bias too. Although the ancient traditional indigenous low-tech medical practices are based on intuitions, they help to develop power from within (potential natural biological powers of human body). The modern scientific studies should explore well the outside and within power to heal the human mind and body in children and adults with CP. Indeed, this is the aim of IACP, and the journal also aims to have worldwide discussion on such studies.

There is no doubt that scientists, with the use of modern technology, can make non-allopathic practices more appropriate. What is mostly lacking in present-day practice is the neglect of these methods (practices). The Academy is firm to scientifically study and ethically apply allopathy and non-allopathy methods holistically to make sure all the impairments of the child improve and they are habilitated to meet the present stream of the social and other aspects of life. Let all the eastern and western methods amalgamate and become one pathy for the benefit of our children.

In India, suffering with small pox was considered a curse of Goddess (Devi, Maataa). Therefore, the afflicted people were taken to holy places and were fed cold food stuffs for a few weeks. I do not know what had happened to the curse following the development of small pox vaccine (faith needs scientific truth).

This "millennium of neurosciences" would surely discover (through basic and clinical research) the miraculous potential physiological powers of the human brain. The systematic study and understanding of the growing (of course damaged) brain of these children would unveil many mysteries.

India can contribute enormously at a global level because of its huge number of such children (4 million) and meticulously studying both success (never ending) and failures (never final inherently having strong feedback potential if one wants to explore) of various indigenous methods. The painful scenario is that these children are left untouched from both the medical and social points of view. Wisdom lies in improving this gray area of the medical and social fields.

To perform research, one does need facilities. Yes, it is agreed. However, the person thrilled to unveil the mysteries does not look for facilities. In fact, facilities follow him. What matters is strong aptitude and motivation (heart to help these children) which would open all the doors to go ahead with discoveries/researches. Remember, in India, many research grants are not being availed by us.

Once the opportunity for publication, in a journal, is provided and encouraged, the approach of the clinicians and scientists while practicing also becomes more systematic in data collection, and then they are able to provide perfect information on the subject. This journal is presented to you to fulfill this idea, hoping that useful application of the intellectual information (knowledge) with wisdom would indeed lead us to success.

The world is becoming smaller with geographical boundaries coming closer. Soon it will be one world, one nation, one society. A new world! A new society! Hopefully best of all the cultures will amalgamate and we, the human beings, and all other animals will have the best new culture to follow. Therefore, let us develop one pathy, the holistopathy, to treat various disorders scientifically, more so for the children having multiple impairments that cause multiple disabilities.

Let us amalgamate eastern and western strengths

to meet the challenges of CP.

Most children undergo only non-allopathy complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) treatment or none.

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